With over twenty years of experience acting for stage and screen, Lauren has just wrapped filming on VCA graduate film, Dream Again, with director Gaden Sousa. Short film, Agender, in which she plays the lead role has just finished screening in the GBiennale where it picked up an award for Best Story in the GUFF Shorts category. You can see Lauren’s work in Before I Go, screening on Apple TV across Australia, New Zealand, the UK and USA.

Co-founder and Creative Producer for The Act of Storytelling and Just Nice People Productions, with two films currently in the international film festival circuit, Lauren also has several projects in various stages of development including soon to be released anthology web-series, Classic, where she stars alongside actress Alice Bishop across six episodes ranging from gently poignant to broadly comic, which reference classic literature through a modern lens.

Earlier this year, Lauren updated her commercial VO reel here, and co-hosted a podcast mini-series for The Act of Storytelling - talking to inspiring global creatives who are getting things done. For some storytelling inspiration and motivation, you can listen to the series online @actstorytelling and​

Lauren is represented by Emma Raciti Management | Photos by Alex Vaughan.